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In today?s environment of increasing threat sophistication and regulatory pressures, managing risk has become a primary concern for Utility IT organizations. Today, a single breach can cost millions, be devastating to industrial, commercial and residential consumers, and create a threat to national security. Infrax?s Sentinel and Grid Intrusion Management (GRiM) products provide a secure solution for complete grid, network and intelligent device management.


Infrax?s Sentinel Information Security solutions go beyond traditional security information management solutions to deliver complete threat life-cycle management.

Sentinel provides integrated real-time event correlation capabilities and includes modules for security, network and systems management, log management, and convergence. Our technology automates key network functions including threat discovery and isolation, problem remediation and element management, all through a secure TLS Tunnel.

The Sentinel collects application event information across the utility network and application event information - providing broad visibility to potentially threatening behaviors.  By delivering real-time event analysis and correlation, it provides early threat detection.

In addition to threat management, the Sentinel delivers real-time performance monitoring and analytics for intelligent electronic devices, routers, switches, and other IP enabled devices.

Our dynamic performance comparison tools allow any combination of devices or performance metrics to be analyzed over time, and our Compliance Enforcement Module provides real-time visualization and alerts on actions and behaviors deemed critical under Regulatory Compliance mandates including those from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


Infrax?s Grid Intrusion Management (GRiM) is an intelligent network communication solution capable of establishing a private, closed and secure virtual network over the Internet and data encryption. The endpoints of this network are GRiM enabled devices which provide the best-of-breed cyber security gateways from the meter to the utility?s operating center for a total secure data transmission and grid protection.

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