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Asset Tracker is a systemic system of integrated management processes and strategies, reinforced by a series of automated checks and balances that provide real-time reporting. Asset Tracker can be configured to support any user?s workflow, methodologies and procedures, and does not require the utility to change any existing workflows or methodologies to fit into the software. 

Asset Tracker provides comprehensive asset lifecycle management from the point of initial asset acquisition through final disposition. Asset Tracker offers an extensive set of services to manage not only fixed assets, but operational assets, consumables, and related intangible such as contracts, warranties and leases. To facilitate the tracking, management, security and periodic reconciliation of items under management, Asset Tracker supports radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode technology through a series of related software modules.


Asset Tracker validates inventory and equipment information received via multiple Automatic Data Capture (ADC) sources such as RFID & Bar Codes from tagged assets and seamlessly provides that information across the enterprise software bus of an electric utility in a format customizable for each utility. Access to real time information provides operations personnel with the ability to locate material, track consumption and streamline procurement. 

Life Cycle Work Flow

Asset Tracker can also interface most third-party purchase order, ERP, finance and other systems which may already be in use. Asset Tracker has its own purchase order, warehouse and stockroom applications modules, which integrate seamlessly. Users can also add the Event M Manager module to provide proactive alerts when a specific set of circumstances occur, such as a contract expiring, an item needing servicing, or an item being removed from a facility without authorization. Alerts can include emails, text messages and audible alarms. In addition, Event Manger can invoke e network controlled locks, video cameras, etc.

To find out more about how the Infrax Enterprise Asset Management System can help your organization, Click Here to request more information. 



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