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The current technology being deployed for Advanced Meter Infrastructure applications is inherently unsecure.

Our multi-tiered  security provides complete end-to-end security. As the data flows through the communication infrastructure, the enhanced security architecture ensures the integrity of the packets until it reaches the final destination, be it a substation or a data or control center. Devices are authenticated prior to transmission. Data packets use AES 256-bit encryption.

Infrax has the power to secure the Smart Grid, capturing and transmitting highly encrypted data over secure tunnels using our unique and proprietary communications transport methodology known as GridMesh™. When paired with our device and data security management tool known as GRiM, Infrax enables the secure management of the "last mile" backhaul necessary for utilities to implement Smart Grid applications including AMI, and Demand Side Management.

We believe our Secure Intelligent Energy Platform will become the standard for Smart Grid communications.  Our vision is one of a ?SECURE GRID?, one that fully realizes the potential that our collective innovations will bring to an industry that will see explosive growth over the next 10 years.  The ?SECURE GRID? is a generation ahead of the two-way communications goal of the ?SMART GRID?.

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