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Facility Engineering and Construction


Self-contained repeater buildings and remote communications facilities have unique design requirements.   We at Infrax Systems have years of experience in both the Utlility and Carrier industries in Designing, Engineering and constructing these facilities. 

If your project requires upgrades to an existing facility, expansion or a new turnkey solution,  We can help provide the knowledge and expertise to complete the project with a cost effective and timely solution.

Examples of Facility Engineering and Construction services by Infrax Systems are;

  • Site surveys and feasibility studies for potential facility locations
  • Facility design, upgrades and evaluations
  • RFP generation for equipment and construction
  • Communications and Cell Tower construction
  • Repeater buildings, foundations and site preparation specifications
  • DC power systems,
  • Grounding and RF shielding
  • Rack layout and as built drawings
  • Equipment inventory
  • Complete, “Owner’s Engineer” project management


Fiber Optic Outside Plant Design and Construction

The building of fiber optic cable facilities on Electric Utility transmission lines is a large and expensive project that need to last a long time and be reliable.  These facilities are the backbone of a Utility’s communications network and provide direct communications between transmission Substations to provide the reliability required to protect the nation’s Bulk Electric Grid.  We at Infrax Systems have the knowledge and experience to design and manage the construction of these critical infrastructure facilities.  Our principals have long standing relationships with the largest providers of transmission grade fiber optic cable and hardware, have designed and overseen the construction of over 1200 miles of OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cable in the state of Florida and have built fiber optic cable on many types of structures ranging from 500KV insulated ground wire to 69KV wood pole structures.  We have cable systems still being operated by our customers for 25 years.

Examples of Fiber Optic Outside Plant Design and Construction Services are:

  • Facility and right-of-way planning and evaluation
  • Conceptual design of OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cables on transmission lines
  • Detailed design and specifications for construction
  • Standards design and documentation
  • Material and Construction specifications
  • Electric field evaluations for ADSS cable design on high voltage transmission
  • Construction planning and management
  • Optical network design
  • Project management and “Owner’s Engineer” service for compete project scope



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