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SPIDer (Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection)

Infrax Systems introduces the SPIDer (Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection Network) system to meet the needs of theft and malicious attacks. While the economy is seeing improvement, copper theft, site destruction, and malicious activity are still happening at an alarming rate. The SPIDer systems consist of 3 levels of detection to identify intruders and threats in areas that are restricted.

The first level utilizes an electronically charged coaxial cable woven into your chain link fencing. Excessive fence movement will set off an alarm through your network notification system that someone is attempting to enter your facility. This is a very cost effective means to secure your site to meet security requirements for your company.

The second level consists of a visual intrusion monitoring system. It is a wireless, battery operated, and connected through the cellular network. It provides 24/7 monitoring and notification through the internet and email system. Once an intruder is identified an alarm is sent to the security team with a picture that allows you to identify if this is an authorized or unauthorized person. If it is an unauthorized person you can take the appropriate action. The network system can quickly be deployed and moved to provide security coverage as needed.

The third level is a multi-level detection and verification system that uses both level one and level two to rapidly identify a potential intruder and provide you information for a rapid decision. The combination of the two systems provides the additional barriers for quick action. Sometimes seconds are critical in preventing serious damage or theft at your site.

Network Command Center

The command center software provides intrusion notification to your network center and to individuals via email. For level two and three you receive a picture that enables you to make a more informed and quicker decision concerning your action.

The SPIDer solution addresses the increased activity of copper theft and site destruction. With this system you are able to arm your security team with information that enables them to be proactive in addressing these costly activities.

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