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Secured Network Interface Card (SNIC)

Creation of the Smart Grid will create great opportunities for smart energy hardware manufacturers and it starts from two points of entry; Customer Premises (AMI) and Substations. One important function of our Secure Intelligent Energy Platform, as a turnkey solution, is to provide hardware devices, such as Secured Intelligent Endpoint Devices (SIED) with an embedded Secured Network Interface Card, for Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Substations applications. These SIED?s include Smart Meters (AMR, AMI), Remote Connect-Disconnect, Sensors, Communication, Aggregators, and Hubs.

SNIC (Secured Network Interface Card) is a revolutionary product being developed through joint ventures with our global partners. This revolutionary product will change the face of the power industry for generations and globally.

- Hardware based security
- Over the air firmware upgrades (through the system)
- Remote on-demand read and control messaging from the control center
- Support for ZigBee, PLC, WLAN, WiMAX, GPRS
- Support for mesh networking
- Standard and Power Quality Measurements
- Easy to deploy, manage and extend
- Easy access control
- High level security
- RSA 2048 bits for authentication and key exchange
- AES 256 bits or Blowfish 448 bits data stream encryption
- designed to support the following communicational solutions:
- 915 MHz (Zigbee, ADINet)
- 433 MHz (ADINet)
- 2,4 GHz (WIFI, Zigbee)
- RF
- Due to the modular design, it is easy to support additional communication solutions, as the communication module is a separate part of the system.

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