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We have assembled a Management team and Advisory Board comprised of leaders from the technology, energy, regulatory and financial sectors. The Company has assembled a management team comprised of seasoned Executives who have managed business units of companies with revenues in excess of $1 Billion and have a track record of consistently driving significant growth in revenue, margin, and profitability. Our executives have a broad range of expertise in operations, development, technology, sales and marketing for major corporations including Progress Energy, Williams Energy, General Electric, AETNA, ComDisco, and RCA, as well as several technology startups. Within the Energy Sector, our executives have been involved in the design and deployment of infrastructure networks for several utilities and the outsourced management of networks for Shell Oil, Amoco and Texaco.


  • Sam Talari - Founder & Chairman
    Mr. Talari, born and raised as an entrepreneur, found his calling in incubating exciting leading edge technology companies in private and public sector, with a unique business plan merging the boundaries between a hedge fund and a VC. Mr. Talari has been the Chief Executive Officer of FutureWorld Energy, Inc. since November 21, 2005. Mr. Talari served as the Acting Chief Executive Officer at Infrax Systems, Inc. since November 21, 2008 and Chief Operating Officer until October 2009 and served as its Interim President. Mr. Talari founded and manages FutureTech since 2001 and Talari Industries since 2008. He serves as a Director at PowerCon Energy Systems, Inc, and Chairman & CEO of Lockwood Technology. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Talari holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics from University of Lowell and has a Master's Degree in Finance from Trinity.
  • John Verghese ? Co-Founder & Acting Chief Executive Officer
    Seasoned telecommunication expert with 23+ years of experience in building and operating local and wide area networks. Well rounded in all the functional areas of the telecom industry from planning, engineering and operations to sales and customer support. Extensive experience working for a local power utility to provide voice, video and data communications to corporate facilities, power plants and substations.
  • Terry Gardner - VP of Professional Services
    Terry Gardner brings over 30 years of utility engineering experience to Infrax Systems through his career spanning two leading utilities in the Southeast United States. He has extensive knowledge of broadband telecommunications networks, IP and Ethernet networking, NERC SIP requirements for substation and Critical Infrastructure communications, and Smart Grid Networks. Over his career, he has worked closely with industry associations, regulatory bodies and manufacturers to develop Fiber Optic communications and construction standards, relay and EMS communications over Optical based networks and has introduced many new technologies to the industry. Lately he has been instrumental in the introduction of Carrier Ethernet technologies with Ethernet Ring Protection into the utility telecommunications industry.
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